Toilet Façade Henge, Alas, Gone Down the Tubes!

the toilet block at Stonehenge's old visitor centre, photo by Tim Daw, used with permission

toilet block at Stonehenge’s old visitor centre, photo by Tim Daw, used with permission

We have seen the toilet henges and the bog roll tube henges, and even one or two that appeared to be made from, well, something a dog left behind. So there is no reason to be squeamish about this one, right? These are the doors of the toilets at the old Stonehenge visitor centre, crafted and painted to give a suggestion of the monument itself.

Toilet at the old Stonehenge visitor centre, photo by Tim Daw

Toilet at the old Stonehenge visitor centre, photo by Tim Daw

There is a new visitor centre now, of course, and these have been torn down and carted away (presumably in bits. We doubt anyone would choose to keep them as memorabilia), disappeared forever. So this post is a last gesture of appreciation to whatever unknown person or people decided that a Stonehenge visitor centre needed Stonehenge toilets.

We’re certain there must be a theory out there proposing that Stonehenge must be an ancient toilet, probably for aliens. Every possible theory about Stonehenge eventually gets thought of; not only thought of, but fervently believed in and maniacally evangelised. The toilet theory of Stonehenge seems unlikely, and we don’t expect it to get much play in the media. Still, who knows what the future will bring!

We could have made a lot of bad toilet-related puns in this post, but we have been dancing around in a desperate effort to hold them in. We knew how you would appreciate it.

Our sincerest thanks to the inimitable Tim Daw, and until next time, of course, dear friends, we wish you happy henging!

Toilet Henge Again: Oh, Banksy, You Kidder!

banksy henge

photo by MG/BS4, with permission

Admittedly this is a little late, as the article we got it from was posted in June. It got by us at the time but a friend of the blog sent us a link, so here it is, another toilethenge by Banksy, this time part of the exhibit Banksy vs. Bristol Museum.

Not sure why he went for this again. His Glastonbury replica was sufficiently satisfying, and the guerrilla art pinballhenge that may or may not be his struck us as a little fresher. If you know what we mean.

Written on the Welcome to the Museum sign are the words, “Now wash your hands,” which would actually be funnier if they were on a sign on the way out that said “Thank you for visiting the museum.

Long time readers will remember that this is not our first Bristol henge. Rogue archaeologists at the uni there built a snowhenge during the great snow last winter. We’ll be keeping an eye on that city from now on.

Score: 5½ druids this time. This is smaller and less elaborate than last time, just one trilithon and a fallen upright, and it feels a little tired. You never know with Banksy, of course–that may be what he’s going for. He certainly is not worried about his score on Clonehenge. We confess we’re fans and we look forward to whatever he comes up with next, henge or no henge!