The 100 Large Permanent Replicas!

List of 100 large permanent Stonehenge replicas. We have a list on paper of many more to be added. It would take a whole lot of traveling but if you got permissions for the ones on private property, you could visit them all!

At the end of the page we have added a list of large replicas no longer with us. Our ultimate goal is to create an interactive world map with each public replica marked on it by its coordinates and a link to a page of photos and info for each one. We have started the process but are having trouble making ourselves work on it. Maybe someday.

There is a spectrum of accuracy in Stonehenge replicas, from full-sized careful reproductions to little garden varieties to the single trilithon. It’s a sliding scale, but we have marked the most Stonehenge-like replicas with a  ∏. Even among these, size and accuracy vary. Currently there are things on this list that would not have made it to the list if we were making it now. They were added over a decade ago. As we add henges that we know are out there, we will eventually delete less henge-y ones and those that have been dismantled. This list will be changing. We have many new ones to add. We may also add a new list at the bottom of this page of sculptures and monuments that are on the border of qualifying (it isn’t always an easy call), and another of small and miniature permanent Stonehenge replicas. (We need an intern!)

Please let us know of any permanent Stonehenge replicas you know of that we have missed. Surely Russia and India must each have at least one! [update: we now have one in India. We knew it!]

We have been asked to address the status of Achill Henge as regards this list. As of February 2022 we have finally decided it’s permanent and it is now included.

Мы считаем, что не должно быть копией Стоунхенджа в России или на Украине. Скажите, пожалуйста, если вы знаете, одной!  (Sorry for poor Russian translation.) Here is the list:


Granite Henge, Polperro, Cornwall, UK

Stonehenge in Treave, Cornwall, UK

Keaton Cottages Stonehenge, County Durham, UK

Nesshenge Wirral, Merseyside, UK (Only a ditch and bank but most leave those out.)

Major West’s Stonehenge, Shropshire, UK

Steel Henge, South Yorkshire, UK (sculpture)

Alton Towers Stonehenge, Staffordshire, UK

Salisbury Hospital Trilithon, Wiltshire, UK

Druids’ Temple at Ilton, Yorkshire, UK

Landgasthof Feichthub Stonehenge, Austria

Rayuvtsi Stonehenge, Bulgaria

Popovka Stonehenge, Crimea

Pavel Pavel’s Stonehenge, Czech Republic

Kemi Stonehenge, Finland 

Ermingen Stonehenge, Germany

Stonehenge in der Oberpfalz, Germany

Therme Erding Stonehenge, Germany

Werner Wick’s Stonehenge in Bavaria, Germany

Jörg Sorg’s Stonehenge in Magdeburg, Germany.

Zalahaláp Mountain Stonehenge sculptures, Hungary 

Achill Henge, County Mayo, Ireland.

Poort van de Zon, Arnhem, Nederland (sculpture)

Polskie Stonehenge, Sławotówko, Poland.

Stonehenge in a garden, Poland

Ada Stonehenge, Belgrade, Serbia.

∏ Field of the Rat: Modern Megaliths of Spain, Spain (sculpture)

Lanjaron Trilithon Fountain, Spain.


∏ Window of the World Stonehenge, Shenzhen, China

The World Park Stonehenge, Beijing, China

Hefei Stonehenge, Hefei, China.

Kavishaila, Kuvempu’s Stonehenge, India

Stonehenge Merapi: Java, Indonesia.

Stonehenge at Celosia Happy & Fun, Java, Indonesia

Gunma Observatory Stonehenge, Honshu, Japan

Hanazono Rugby Stadium Stonehenge, Osaka, Japan

Takino Stonehenge, Hokkaidō, Japan

Kuala Lumpur Planetarium Stonehenge, Malaysia

Baguio Stonehenge, Luzon Island, the Phillippines

Fu Shan Garden Stonehenge, Singapore. *

Aiins World Stonehenge, South Korea

Del Pino Golf and Resort Stonehenge, South Korea

Gang-hwa goindolgun Stonehenge trilithon, South Korea

Paju City Stonehenge, South Korea

Taipei’s Interactive Stonehenge, Taiwan (sculpture-ish!)

Khao Yai Mixology Café Stonehenge, Thailand *

Nong Nooch Gardens, Thailand

Moai Coffee Stonehenge, Thailand

Stonehenge Bangkok, Thailand *

Boa Dai Waterfall Park Stonehenge, Vietnam.

North America

(alphabetical by state/province)

Azcapotzalco Stonehenge, at Universidad Autónoma Metropolitana’s Azcapotzalco campus, Mexico City, Mexico.

Bamahenge, Alabama

Springhill Gardens Stonehenge, California

Mountain View Stonehenge, California (sculpture)

The Rock Garden Stonehenge, Colorado

North Dumpling Henge, Connecticut

∏ Circle of Life, Sachem Head, Connecticut

Athens’ Stonehenge, Georgia, USA

Harry Rossett’s Stonehenge, Illinois

Longhollow Road replica, Illinois

Stonehenge of Notre Dame, Indiana (sculpture/fountain)

Munfordville’s Stonehenge, Kentucky

Commonwealth Museum Stonehenge, Massachusetts

Tonehenge, Massachusetts

∏ Nunica Henge, Michigan

Wally Wallington’s Stonehenge, Michigan

Goldenleaf Stone Circle, Missouri

Jefferson County Stonehenge, Missouri *

Rolla Stonehenge, Missouri

Crystal Lakes Golf Course Stonehenge, Montana

Carhenge, Nebraska (art. -ish)

RyanHenge, Nevada (new blog post in progress)

Walkerhenge, New Jersey

Earthwood Trilithon, West Chazy, New York

Ridgelawn Gardens Stonehenge, Cheektowaga, New York.

Tremont Henge, Cleveland, Ohio

Stillwater Stonehenge, Oklahoma

West Campus Henge, Tulsa, Oklahoma (not truly a SH replica, but it works)

Stonehenge Grille Stonehenge, Crossville, Tennessee

Gateway to Understanding, Toronto, Ontario, Canada (sculpture)

Indian River Reptile Zoo, Ontario, Canada

Stroudhenge, Pennsylvania (sculpture)

Caelum Moor, Arlington, Texas (Stonehenge-style sculpture park)

Garden Henge in Red Oak, Texas

∏ Odessa Henge, Texas

∏ Stonehenge II, Texas

Orem Stonehenge, Utah

∏ America’s Foamhenge, Cox Farms, Centreville, Virginia

Roanoke Stonehenge, Virginia (sculpture)

∏ Maryhill Stonehenge replica Washington State

Stonehenge Replica Fountain, Monroe, Washington State

Stonehenge at the Office Plaza, Renton, Washington State

Untitled Stainless Steel Sculpture, Olympia, Washington State (sculpture)


Arctic Henge, Iceland (not a real Stonehenge replica)  \

Stonehenge in the Rock Garden in Park HaYarkon, Tel Aviv, Israel

Africa’s Stonehenge, Parys, South Africa

Stonehenge Aotearoa, New Zealand

Byron Bay Stonehenge, NSW, Australia

StoneHengeEsperance, Esperance, Western Australia

Sandstonehenge, Tasmania

Replica at the Centro de Estudos do Universo, Brazil

Large replicas that have been dismantled:

Privyhenge, Banksy’s installation at Glastonbury

Bamboo henge, Rotterdam

Foamhenge, U.K.

Tankhenge, Berlin

Stonefridge, New Mexico’s Fridgehenge

Phonehenge at Hard Rock Park

Sol Henge, at Burning Man, Nevada

Fridgehenge the first, New Zealand (this is an outside link)

Autohenge, Ontario

Dubhenge (VWs), Various locations, U.K.

Carhenge, Glastonbury 1987, U.K.

Icehenge, Fairbanks, Alaska (dismantled by the sun)


William Burrough Hill’s large trilithon, Southampton, U.K.

29 thoughts on “The 100 Large Permanent Replicas!

  1. I’m passing-along the link to the post about the mystery henge in Illinois to an online friend who lives in the region, to see if she knows anything about it.

  2. Thank you for commenting. This list is a list of large, permanent replicas. The Spinal Tap Stonehenge doesn’t fall into that category. Our 100th post, in January 2009, was dedicated to the Spinal Tap trilithon, and another post in October 2009 was about the traveling trilithons made for Spinal Tap to take on tour. And then there was the inevitable cake version.

    Trust us: few people are as aware as we are of the Spinal Tap Stonehenge. It is the inevitable joke everywhere whenever people see a Stonehenge replica. It is like when people say to a postman, “I hope you didn’t bring me any bills!” How they even manage to smile at you when they hear that, we have no idea!

  3. Coordinates of the Illinois replica are 42.351817, -90.267690
    somewhere between 2502-2898 W. Longhollow Rd, Elizabeth, IL 61028

  4. The thing seems to be a complete mystery. It is on a hilltop on what appears to be a smalll farm. The property is completely fenced. I can find no source of information about it the local area. The next time I’m up there, I will try to get a street address.

  5. Would love to know more about it, like who built it, when and why, if you can find more out or put us in touch with someone who can!

  6. There is a fairly large stone replica of Stonhenge on a road (could be Longhollow Rd) just north of Rt 20 between the towns of Galena and Elizabeth in northwestern Illinois. No mention of thos anywhere, but it’s there

  7. Thanks. That would be great. We feel sure there must be one in Russia but have yet to track it down.

    Others have suggested it is the construction of the Stonehenge replica used in Roman Polanski’s movie Tess.

  8. That varjag_2007 post looks to me like photos of work-in-progress constructing a replica somewhere in Russia.

    BTW, I heard about on Mississippi Public Radio, listening to Felder Rushing’s garden show.

  9. Well, JT, it sounds like your duty to the Henge community is clear! You need to go get us some pictures. Information, too, if you can manage it. Our worldwide readership is counting on you! Credit for discovery, the pictures, and any information will be given to you in a special post, should you choose to accept this assignment. Make it so!

  10. There is a Clonehenge in Josephine, Al. It is on the Barber Marine property and I think the owner had it put there. He has dinosaurs and life size bronze Chinese soldiers guarding it. Weird, fun, and interesting.

  11. Yes, I ran it through Google Translate to see what it was saying. Fasinating to see the ideas people come up with! Thank you for posting a link to us!

  12. Thanks.
    The post and video after the photos speculate on conspiracy theory that modern reconstructions of Stonehenge aimed to “upgrade” original site in order to mystify the public and make it more attractive to the tourists.
    Well, nowadays such hog-wash stories are common for many topics and to disambiguate the issue for gullible outsider has to do an own research – for which most have no time or passion.

  13. That does not look like a replica. It looks like pictures from Stonehenge mixed with pictures of another location that doesn’t have stones.

  14. To address your reasonable suggestion, we have now deemed it potentially permanent and included it in the preface above.

  15. Is it any less permanent than some of the others on the list? Although there is an enforcement notice on it, demanding that our Irish friend should take it down, it looks as if he has no intention of acting according to the law! So
    maybe it should be deemed to be semi-permanent?!

  16. Because the last thing we heard about that is that it is temporary and will be taken down before long, pending a ruling by the planning board. But that was March or April. If you have fresher news, do tell! I should add, we have done several posts about Achill Henge on the blog time line, at various stages of the story.

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