Things You Don’t Necessarily Expect in a Dinosaur Park: Stonehenge Again!

Stonehenge at Dino Park, Bled, Slovenia. Photo by Lazan K. on

Hello to new friends! Welcome to Clonehenge. These days most Clonehenge activity Ā takes place on our Twitter account and on our Facebook group and page. We’re newly on Instagram, too, so join us on any of the places for more fun and Stonehenge-y weirdness! As for the subject of this post, it’s an example of an old trend getting new variations: dinosaurs and Stonehenge are somehow linked, if only by the vastness of the word “prehistory”. Next to moai, aka Easter Island heads šŸ—æ(which are also not at all connected), dinosaurs are the most frequent accompaniment to large Stonehenge replicas. We could list a number of examples, the best known being Mark Cline’s Bamahenge in Elberta, Alabama, which is accompanied by dinosaurs he made and scattered in the woods nearby. Today’s Stonehenge, which first caught our eye in an Instagram video last August, is in Dino Park in the breathtakingly beautiful location of Bled, Slovenia, most famous for the picturesque Lake Bled and the island in the center that looks like something out of a fairy tale. We have seen quite a lot of pictures from the park and it must be said that the dinosaurs are very good. The triceratops, the dinosaur we are unabashed to say has always been our favourite, is every child’s dream of a triceratops.

Triceratops at Bled’s Dino Park. Photo by Braun B on

But along with these mighty beasts of yore the park hosts some surprises from more human eras of history like the Sphinx, a very handsome Stonehenge, and, yes, Easter Island heads because why not?

Thumbnails from a Trip Advisor page about the Dino Park.

As small replicas in parks go, and there are quite a number of them at this point, may in miniature landmark parks, this is a good one. The shapes and bulk of the stones mimic the real thing. It’s always a pleasant surprise when someone building a replica of StonehengeĀ actuallyĀ takes time to look it it first. In this case they clearly did. Hurrah!

Dino Park Stonehenge from blog Sunee Sees the World

There are dozens of Stonehenges around the world that we haven’t posted here yet (and should!) but we chose this one because it appears to be part of a new trend along with an old one. The new trend is Stonehenges in parks for children, and the old one being Stonehenge somehow eternally tied up with dinosaurs. Another example is this Stonehenge in La GuaƱa Megalith Park in Spain inexplicably accompanied by a velociraptor!

Stonehenge in La GuaƱa Megalith Park, Avila, Spain, and nearby velociraptor

There are more. But the Stonehenge replica world has always been an odd one, and that’s what we love about it!

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