News Bulletin: The Latest from Achill–New Update!

Note: as of February 7, the court was adjourned for three weeks. Achill Henge is still standing and will be for a while longer!

Earlier news: The Mayo News says that the motion for an exemption that would allow Achill Henge to remain standing, and to be finished (we’re still dying to know what is to be put in the center!), has been denied, but the decision is being appealed.

Mr. McNamara, we are still cheering you on!!

Burning Man Project: BASShenge, and No, It’s Not Fish!

The code didn’t work, but we tried to embed the video here. We recommend watching it.

People are collecting money to create a Stonehenge replica, fully aligned with the cosmos, for Burning Man* 2012. We quote:

Whoever built Stonehenge, be it people, angels or aliens, gifted to us a breathtaking experience for which we are thankful but we feel, through our immeasurable gratitude and awe, that something is missing; …we’re replacing the Some of the Stone in Stonehenge with 100,000 watts of BASS. Huge speakers varying in size and shape will help comprise the imitation stone blocks we are using to recreate Stonehenge. You see, all we want to do to The Hanging Rock is add more Rock. And maybe throw a raging party on a timeless landmark.

 To that end we have: Artists from a wide variance of musical and artistic genres, large scale lighting that will include over 120 LEDS lighting the outer ring of stones, pyrotechnics and fire art, crop circles projected on the surrounding playa, interactive art displays and multiple circus, performance, and fire troupes. This project is currently underway and will be presented at Burning Man 2012  In Correct Alignment with the sun, stars and the moon..

Check it out. Dudes. Notice the gifts offered on the right side of the webpage to those who pledge. For a $300.00 pledge you get “a custom handmade BASShenge Druid Cloak with soft fuzzy lining. Color options available.” Dude!!

Of course, if this happens, people, we want pictures!

*There is a history of henges at the Burning Man Festival. We have posted two others, with links to more: Sol Henge, which was another large musically-related circle (links to a mudhenge and a twinkiehenge from Burning Man on that page), and a henge made of dead computer towers, another item doomed to extinction before long.

Other Megalithic Replicas: Göbekli Tepe Done in Legos!

photo and awesome replica by Gabriel Thomson

It’s 2012. We expect to see a lot of awesomeness this year. In order to do our part, we are making this our first post of the year: a Lego replica of the 11,000-year-old megalithic complex called Göbekli Tepe in Turkey the Kurdish part). That’s right, folks–when Stonehenge was new, this was already way, way older than Stonehenge is to us right now!

Well, not this, exactly. This is a Lego. But you know what we mean–in the context of Göbekli Tepe, Stonehenge would have to be considered a modern site. You know all of this, though–since you remember the post we did on that Meterhenge in July! (And, yes, happily we have learned the fine art of the umlaut since then.) We KNOW you read all of our posts! Still, if your memory is not what it used to be, try this link and this video (warning, it’s from the Ancient Aliens show. But it has Stonehenge in it!) to refresh your memory.

Anyway, back on the topic of replicas, we think this one is brilliant. It was created for a contest run by MOC, a Lego fandom group. We hope it did well! Someone pointed out that it even includes the sacred ancient mulberry tree that is near the site. That is the kind of detail we like.

Well done, Mr. Thomson. We can’t score it, not only because it is not Stonehenge but because no one even has the faintest idea of what kind of priests or priestesses would or (like the druids at Stonehenge) would not have supervised its building.  If we did, this would probably get 9 of them.

Hope you’re rockin’ it this year! Until next time, happy henging!