Clay Henge (we hope!)


photo by Jamie Rae Cline, with permission

So, when we look around for henges online, we see all kinds of things. Many we have yet to pass on to you because we’re waiting, perhaps in vain, for permissions for photos (Flickr allows you to reblog without permissions, but the resulting photos are small, and anyway part of the fun of doing this is communicating with hengers and henge photographers) and there are a few we simply do not plan to share.

Sometimes, as in this case, we’re not really sure what we’re looking at. The photographer says she thinks it’s made from clay, but something about it, maybe the moss, suggests that it was made or perhaps deposited by an unusually creative dog! Then again, perhaps it’s just powdered doughnut sticks–the things we used to call crullers. We may never know, but because the ick factor creates in us a morbid fascination, you get to see it–lucky you!

Ms. Cline tells us she saw it at Culver-Stockton College in the education department and that it was built by a student. We don’t know much more, and that may be all to the good. Nevertheless it stands as still another demonstration of the Clonehenge principle, that unfailing impulse to build henges from any material that comes to (gasp!) hand. Score: 3 druids, and all three are a little grossed out! There’s just something about that little pillar on the right . . .

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