Radio Clonehenge, Another Step on Our Path to World Domination!

James McCormick's Stonehenge, from Rushing's website

James McCormick’s Stonehenge, mentioned in the interview

GUYS! We were on the radio! \o/

Yes, yes, it was back in February, but we haven’t posted it until now, because of reasons. Reasons like, well, we forgot to see if the interview was online. But now we remembered! You can hear just the interview here. Or you can hear the whole show here: CLONEHENDGE . Yes, they spelled it that way. No, we don’t mind, and it’s possible they are pulling our legs (or, as we call them, uprights). Our interview runs from shortly after the 13 minute mark to just after the 25 minute mark on the show.

Peghenge, henge and photo by Felder Rushing

Peghenge, henge and photo by Felder Rushing

It was fun! Our thanks to peghenge creator, Felder Rushing! And to all, happy henging!