Bog Roll Tube Henge, aka Toilet Paper Tube Henge

Photos provided by Simon Burrow, henger and hengeophile extraordinaire.

The key to henging fame is not necessarily to do something first, but to do it better than those who came before. Simon Burrow has taken the second route to henging greatness with Toilet Paper Tube Henge 2010. He writes (in his blog, here): “Kimberly Clark’s announcement that the toilet paper tube was an endangered species inspired this tribute.”

That’s right–the paper products company is pioneering the tubeless paper roll. So if you want to build your own bog or toilet paper roll henge, you’d best do it soon! We doubt, however, that you will surpass this thoughtful and detailed construction. Mr. Burrows has been doing henges for a long time and has hit just the right balance between thoughtful and silly.

Note the higher inner trilithons and the scattered loose “stones” in what we assume is the direction of the rising sun. We admire the rough look attained by leaving bits of paper that adhered to some of the tubes. There are inaccuracies but we assume the master artist left them in so as not to be too literal. Score? We award it 6½ druids!

And then there is the matter of the item he has labeled the “Awful Tower.” Hmmm . . . there must be a blog for those, too. How will mankind go on when these versatile materials are no longer available? What will happen to our souls when they are no longer enlivened by creations like this???!!!! But alas! That day hastes toward us like a flock of dead birds hastes toward the pavements of Arkansas.

For similar henges, see the slide show on the MySpace page of Captain Henge, the Bog Roll Mania blog, and . . . dang! we can’t remember where we saw the third, so until we remember, how about a nice soap henge?

We end with a tribute to Mr. Burrow, who has dedicated himself as few have to the continuation and perfection of the henging art. Thank you, sir, for your contributions to the field. We look forward with great eagerness to your next creation!

What will it be, you ask? Here is the last part of the missive containing the announcement of this tube henge:

“Next year Knit Henge! Stay tuned.  Simon”

4 thoughts on “Bog Roll Tube Henge, aka Toilet Paper Tube Henge

  1. If the followers of clonehenge would like to participate in knit henge all they have to do is knit a largish sock that will fit on a brick. Any color. Email me a and I’ll give you mailing instructions. Each contributor will be honored in the knit henge thread of honor.

    BTW the rise in the middle of TPT henge is of course a toilet seat.

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