Stonehenge: Athens, Georgia

Stonehenge in Athens, Georgia.

photo by Bill Windsor from, with permission

Wow, it’s cold here in Clonehenge territory, so how about a post from a warmer clime? This one’s down in Georgia, home of the Guidestones, which we will get to another day. This is quite a different monument, originally built at the entrance to a subdivision called Stonehenge. It is the only henge we know of to have the name Stonehenge carved into its lintel.

Well, look at it. This was never a serious replica, but more of an elaborate sign. The only interesting thing about it is the names of the streets around it: Heelstone Avenue, Salisbury Plain Drive, Sarsen Circle and so on. A nice twist, but it won’t help it with the judges when they do the scoring. Score: 3 druids.  But the thing is, we still couldn’t resist visiting it if we were in the area. Must be that Stonehenge mystique!

Here it is on Google Street View!

One thought on “Stonehenge: Athens, Georgia

  1. Stay as far away from the neighborhood right behind the sign at all costs. It is a complete crime infested slum. It seriously rivals any of the worst neighborhoods in this country (Compton, East St. Louis, etc.) in terms of the crime and general danger. I went to school in Athens and delivered food on the west side for over a year, and we would never set foot in that neighborhood due to the robberies, carjackings, rapes, assaults, murders, etc.

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