Stonehenge: Athens, Georgia

Stonehenge in Athens, Georgia.

photo by Bill Windsor from, with permission

Wow, it’s cold here in Clonehenge territory, so how about a post from a warmer clime? This one’s down in Georgia, home of the Guidestones, which we will get to another day. This is quite a different monument, originally built at the entrance to a subdivision called Stonehenge. It is the only henge we know of to have the name Stonehenge carved into its lintel.

Well, look at it. This was never a serious replica, but more of an elaborate sign. The only interesting thing about it is the names of the streets around it: Heelstone Avenue, Salisbury Plain Drive, Sarsen Circle and so on. A nice twist, but it won’t help it with the judges when they do the scoring. Score: 3 druids.  But the thing is, we still couldn’t resist visiting it if we were in the area. Must be that Stonehenge mystique!

Here it is on Google Street View!