Lego Stonehenge, Legoland Windsor


photo by top_gun_1uk, with permission

Back to Stonehenge’s home country for today’s post, and a Stonehenge made of  something that may be under a Christmas tree near you in two days’ time–less, really! At Legoland Windsor, outside London, visitors are treated to this mini-Stonehenge of Lego bricks, complete with mini-people and backed by a miniature Glastonbury Tor.

The Lego company sponsored a Stonehenge-making contest this summer, by the way, and you can see the winners here. That many of them are not made of Legos surprised us, but it’s an interesting (to us, anyway) collection of replicas. Well done, kids!

Compared to some henges we’ve posted lately, at least whoever made the henge above took time to look at Stonehenge first. The “stones” have those characteristic Stonehenge proportions and the look of rounded squareness that many models fail to capture. The colour was a nice choice, too. Lego professionals know how to get it done! Score: 7½ druids for the plastic megaliths of brick.

5 thoughts on “Lego Stonehenge, Legoland Windsor

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  2. I don’t think they do. Start a write-in campaign. We would love to do a post on a new Stonehenge Lego set!

  3. Ha Ha! I love the fact they have the Lego police chasing hippies away from the stones…
    The memory of the battle of the Beanfield lives on!

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