Nunica Henge, Michigan


photo by Daniel E. Johnson, with permission

First we must say many thanks to Daniel E. Johnson for service above and beyond the call of duty, for acquiring this lovely snow picture of the Nunica Michigan henge after we asked if he had one. His other pictures of this henge can be seen here.

This Stonehenge replica is on the private property of Fred and Pam Levin, but can be seen from the road. Here we see a case (finally?) where the builders were actually motivated to build their replica by an interest in sacred sites. They also have a labyrinth and a medicine wheel. A nice little write-up about it can be seen ¾ of the way down this page.

For a foam and stucco copy, this structure has a very nice look, avoiding the packing-peanut look of Virginia’s foamhenge and somehow capturing an essence often missed in these things, perhaps because the sense of the sacred was their goal. Of course some of it may be Mr. Johnson’s knack at photography. As you can tell, we’re impressed! Score: 8½ druids for the Levins’ excellent effort!

7 thoughts on “Nunica Henge, Michigan

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    We look forward to seeing your photos! Thanks.

  2. Not sure how attached pictures to the Clonehenge comments Nancy, should I post them here?

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  3. Peter, this sounds fantastic. Are you on Facebook? If so, would love to have you post a picture or two on the Facebook group or page. Otherwise, send them to me at nancy dot wisser at

  4. Nancy how can I leave a photo of my Arborrig Henge, Oh and thanks for the reply to my first post, I didn’t see it until very recently.. I have seen Rob Roy’s work, those are real stones, civil engineering, incredibly well done but waaaay out of my price range. My Henge is made from rebar, lath, bags of stones and concrete.

  5. Well the Henge is complete. I stopped at six stones with a seventh to be added later. It was a difficult build but looks great. It is called Arborrig. The address is 226 Parkview Drive, Cartersville, Georgia, USA. There is also a pub on site called the Green Man, OK its in my house and the Henge is in the garden, but all hengers are welcome.

  6. When you say henge, it sounds like you actually mean a stone circle, with no lintels. Is that right? Our specialty here at Clonehenge is in linteled stone circles, but we do hear from the many people involved in building the other kind from time to time.

    The people we know of who are most involved in building stone circles in the States are the Earthwood Building School‘s Rob Roy and Doug Kerr. They have a lot of experience in this area, and would be interested to learn of your project. When you are finished, you may want to post an article and picture to the Megalithic Portal, a UK site about ancient sites, which also has a section about modern stone circles.

    If, however, you do mean an actual Stonehenge replica with lintels, or conversely, a henge in the true sense of the word, with a ditch and bank, please let us know and we will have more to say from our own perspective. Thanks for posting and good luck with your project!

  7. I am going to build a Henge in my garden near Kennesaw, West of Atlanta, Georgia, and the local AODA have kindly offered to bless the stones once they are finished. There will be a total of eight stones up to a height of around eight feet. Any thoughts on placement?

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