Stonefridge, a Fridgehenge, New Mexico

Fridge Henge at Sunset
, Originally uploaded by longristra

Today we finally get to Fridgehenge or, as the artist called it, Stonefridge, a Stonehenge replica built of refrigerators. It was removed in 2007, but when it stood it was understood to be a work of art, commenting on consumer culture and the environmental ramifications of the way we live. There is said to have been another fridgehenge in New Zealand.

Fridgehenge stood outside Santa Fe, New Mexico for almost a decade. It was aligned with Los Alamos Labs as Stonehenge was with heavenly bodies, and the people who did the heavy work wore loincloths and used primitive technology to move the fridges while the process was caught on videotape. In the end the city decided it was a health and safety hazard and the henge was destroyed, which seems somehow fitting. More can be read here.

Thank you, longristra, for use of your photo. To this ephemeral henge we award 7 druids. As with a star flaming out in a distant galaxy, its existence will continue to echo for long after its demise!

3 thoughts on “Stonefridge, a Fridgehenge, New Mexico

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  2. I do mention in the post that it was destroyed, but more info is always good. Thanks!

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