Nunica Henge, Michigan


photo by Daniel E. Johnson, with permission

First we must say many thanks to Daniel E. Johnson for service above and beyond the call of duty, for acquiring this lovely snow picture of the Nunica Michigan henge after we asked if he had one. His other pictures of this henge can be seen here.

This Stonehenge replica is on the private property of Fred and Pam Levin, but can be seen from the road. Here we see a case (finally?) where the builders were actually motivated to build their replica by an interest in sacred sites. They also have a labyrinth and a medicine wheel. A nice little write-up about it can be seen ¾ of the way down this page.

For a foam and stucco copy, this structure has a very nice look, avoiding the packing-peanut look of Virginia’s foamhenge and somehow capturing an essence often missed in these things, perhaps because the sense of the sacred was their goal. Of course some of it may be Mr. Johnson’s knack at photography. As you can tell, we’re impressed! Score: 8½ druids for the Levins’ excellent effort!