Sandstone Henge, Tasmania


photo by ron_co2002, with permission

The holiday over, we are off again on our world tour, this time far south to Buckland, Tasmania and a sandstone Stonehenge replica built by Design in Stone, a sandstone processing plant. Unfortunately, the photo above and the photo on their site are so different that it is difficult to get a sense of what the finished henge is like.


Tasmania has a bit of a henge fetish, it seems. A very nice straw henge was also displayed prominently there one summer and numerous pictures of it appear on the web (Straw and hay henges are practically a blog to themselves, but we will post some outstanding ones as time goes on.) Why do some places seem to generate more henges than others? It’s a curious phenomenon.

If we get more information on this replica, we’ll add it to this post. For now we’ll award 6 druids, partly just for being tucked away in such a remote corner. At one time we would have been surprised to learn of a Stonehenge in Tasmania, but we know now that we live in a Stonehenge-mad world, and half expect to see one around every corner!