Sandstone Henge, Tasmania


photo by ron_co2002, with permission

The holiday over, we are off again on our world tour, this time far south to Buckland, Tasmania and a sandstone Stonehenge replica built by Design in Stone, a sandstone processing plant. Unfortunately, the photo above and the photo on their site are so different that it is difficult to get a sense of what the finished henge is like.


Tasmania has a bit of a henge fetish, it seems. A very nice straw henge was also displayed prominently there one summer and numerous pictures of it appear on the web (Straw and hay henges are practically a blog to themselves, but we will post some outstanding ones as time goes on.) Why do some places seem to generate more henges than others? It’s a curious phenomenon.

If we get more information on this replica, we’ll add it to this post. For now we’ll award 6 druids, partly just for being tucked away in such a remote corner. At one time we would have been surprised to learn of a Stonehenge in Tasmania, but we know now that we live in a Stonehenge-mad world, and half expect to see one around every corner!

6 thoughts on “Sandstone Henge, Tasmania

  1. Ron Krulow , Thank you for this information! This has been a mystery for years. Are either of them still standing? Do you have any photos of those Stonehenges that you could send to me? If so, the email is Nancy I would love to do a post about them with your information and talk about them on social media. Both are beautiful work. Well done you!

  2. My name is Ron Krulow of Design in Stone Buckland Tasmania.l quarried the both replicas and erected two one in Buckland and the other at the Melbourne Flower and Garden shoe in 2006.

  3. Dave P, this is great research! Thank you very much. I don’t remember anymore where I got the information that connected it to Buckland. Maybe the company that mined and/or shaped the stones was in Buckland? At any rate your sleuthing is impressive. I’m pleased to have more information about this partial Stonehenge even though it seems it no longer exists. I wonder what happened to those stones or if this was reconstructed on someone’s private property. This was an especially fine replica as far as I went. Curved lintels are a detail most people miss when they make a Stonehenge but the lintels on this were beautifully done. I would be a shame if someone didn’t keep the stones together.

    Please let me know if you learn anything else! And again, thank you.

  4. The black dome on a white building seen behind the “sandstone henge” in Buckland Tasmania looks like part of the Royal Exhibition Building in Carlton Gardens, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. Buckland has many old style buildings for a town with 179 residents but I couldn’t see any image of such a building, nor of the henge. Possibly “Design By Stone” made the henge for outside the Exhibition building, or they might have just used it’s image as a backdrop?

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