Stonehenge of Orem, Utah


photo by Mario Ruiz, from the Daily Herald, with permission

From the article: “Motorists cruising near Center Street and 400 West in Orem in recent weeks may have made a double take upon glimpsing a newly erected large-scale replica of the iconic prehistoric monument Stonehenge in England.” We’ll bet they did!

This was the first we’d seen of what may be the newest Stonehenge replica in North America. It stands on the lawn of a new high-end nursing facility for recovery from a hospital stay or other health problem, a transitional facility called Stonehenge of Orem. You may wonder why.

The administrator says that the number one question he gets is why they chose Stonehenge as a theme. He must be up on recent Stonehenge information, because he mentions that Stonehenge is believed by some to have been a place of healing, much like their facility. (If you wish to learn what he meant by the unusual statement, “We want to be the Disney World of skilled nursing facilities, then you’ll have to click on the link to the article.)

Score: 6½ druids. Not a bad replica–a little like a large-sized Cockington Green, a little like the sandstone henge in Tasmania. And it is our first entrant from the Beehive State!

Sandstone Henge, Tasmania


photo by ron_co2002, with permission

The holiday over, we are off again on our world tour, this time far south to Buckland, Tasmania and a sandstone Stonehenge replica built by Design in Stone, a sandstone processing plant. Unfortunately, the photo above and the photo on their site are so different that it is difficult to get a sense of what the finished henge is like.


Tasmania has a bit of a henge fetish, it seems. A very nice straw henge was also displayed prominently there one summer and numerous pictures of it appear on the web (Straw and hay henges are practically a blog to themselves, but we will post some outstanding ones as time goes on.) Why do some places seem to generate more henges than others? It’s a curious phenomenon.

If we get more information on this replica, we’ll add it to this post. For now we’ll award 6 druids, partly just for being tucked away in such a remote corner. At one time we would have been surprised to learn of a Stonehenge in Tasmania, but we know now that we live in a Stonehenge-mad world, and half expect to see one around every corner!