Joe McNamara Henge, Achill, Ireland–Guerilla Henging Taken Up a Notch!

photo from the Mayo News

Over the weekend, guerrilla henging was taken up a notch–actually, many notches!– as the construction above was put up in very short order. We will do a proper post another day, but for now we quote the article:

A massive Stonehenge-esque structure has appeared on an Achill hilltop over the weekend. The man behind the clandestine project, the purpose of which remains unclear, is Achill native Joe McNamara, also known as ‘The Anglo Avenger’. The structure – dubbed Achill-henge – was built without planning permission. Towering nearly 15 feet from its base, it is 30 metres in diameter and has a circumference of close to 100 metres. Over 30 articulated trucks arrived in Pollagh on Friday from Galway carrying pre-cast concrete, and work began in mid-morning

Reportedly over six months in planning, the enormous circular structure, which is located on commonage land above Pollagh, was erected at great speed but with a high level of precision. A group of men, with McNamara in charge, worked long hours over the weekend on its construction. The projected cost of its manufacture and installation is believed to be in excess of €1 million.

It is believed that the sun will rise and shine through the gaps between the ‘stones’ to light up a centre-piece on the site – a centre-piece yet to be built or revealed. What can be seen in the centre is a semi-circular outline for some sort of structure, but what shape or form that will take is unclear. It is believed that it won’t form part of the current development at Achill-henge but may be installed later.

Fascinating! We eagerly await further developments. And, Mr. McNamara, we would not object to an exclusive Clonehenge interview. How often does henging meet the law? Any guerilla henger is a friend of ours! Henging–is it a new way to Occupy?

Our thanks to Barry Teague and Pete Glastonbury for alerting us to this news. If it is allowed to remain there, this will, of course, be added to our list of large permanent replicas, our first in Ireland.

Until next time, friends, happy henging!

16 thoughts on “Joe McNamara Henge, Achill, Ireland–Guerilla Henging Taken Up a Notch!

  1. I am not sure at this point. Just put in a question to the Mayo News. I am curious, too. Last i heard they were awaiting a ruling from the planning board.

  2. Just like the Headington Shark in Oxford, provided the council can resist the temptation to destroy it, I believe it will rapidly taken to the hearts of the locals and become a massive tourist draw. Awesome! Well done Joe.

  3. more power to Joe. my guess this was made as a statement of the unfairness of the irish govt’s decision a few years ago to support the Irish failing bank’s bond holders (inluding foriegn institutions, read “Boomerang”) over their depositors and the small business people of the country. What do the Irish taxpayers owe to these rich?

  4. I heard that it has been aligned with the equinox and solstices. With the winter solstice just around the corner it would be a bit of fun to get a group of people up there to celebrate….details under Achill Henge on facebook, spread the word!!

  5. Many thanks! If anyone takes it upon themselves to take a few more pictures, i would be happy to put some up on Clonehenge. Any news on the Avenger would be welcome also!

  6. “Nancy, yes it is water in wheel tracks, saw it yesterday, very impressive indeed.

  7. Thank you! Is that shiny stuff around it water, then, from the ruts made by tracks and machinery they used to put it up? At first I took it for an unusual formation of bedrock.

  8. I wonder about the source of that picture and whether it is of that structure at all.

  9. What a complete waste putting him in jail, Ireland….take a long hard look at yourself…

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