Clonehenge Classics, In Our Absence

Due to life concerns offline, we may not be able to post for a week to a week and a half, so here are some links to posts of the past that you might enjoy.

phonehenge1Phonehenge or phone box henge, a now-defunct replica in South Carolina. (Wonder what they did with all of those phone boxes!)

6½ druids


Carhenge in Nebraska, not the first of its kind. That was Autohenge in Ontario, but this is the one everybody’s heard of.

8½ druids

rotterdam-hengeBamboohenge made in Rotterdam for an arts festival. Beautiful and community-made.

8 druids

Doorhenge–it’s a video of a temporary guerilla henge installation in a park in San Francisco, complete with police arrival. 7½ druids.

Polystyrene Henge and the Topic of Henge Addiction In which Clonehenge tackles a serious modern health concern. 7 druids (seems high . . . )

korean-stonehenge1Paju City Stonehenge, South Korea, because how can you learn English if you don’t feel like you’re in England and what is more essentially English than You-Know-What?

7 druids


Taipei’s Urban Art Interactive Stonehenge Sculpture, because shouldn’t Stonehenge be able to detect you and interact with you? And be cute?

6 baby druids


Montana’s Stonehenge, one of the most beautiful, a private Stonehenge on a golf course. What can we say?

8 druids.

And there are many more amazing, fascinating, and ridiculous Stonehenge replicas, well over 200 posted or linked to in our posts of the past, so if  you get henge withdrawal while we’re gone, have a look back through the archives (located toward the bottom of the sidebar, listed by month).

We have some terrific replicas lined up for when we get back, so stay tuned and have a great week!


2 thoughts on “Clonehenge Classics, In Our Absence

  1. I thought it would be good to re-post Carhenge and some others because I posted them so long ago that people don’t even know they’re on the blog. That post includes a photo of a model of Carhenge made by a kid, very well done and I think it’s great to see a model of a model of Stonehenge!

    There are so many good posts from early on that new readers never get to see!

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