Wallington’s Stonehenge: “Forgotten Technology” in Michigan


photo from Mr. Wallington’s website (site now defunct), with permission

Many things about Stonehenge remain mysterious. The biggest mystery is probably why it was built, but certainly one issue that has caused speculation over the years has been the transportation and handling of the huge stones. A man in Flint, Michigan believes he has a contribution to make in that department and he is building a Stonehenge replica on his property in order to prove it. You may have seen this video of him around teh intertubes or other info at his website, The Forgotten Technology:

We don’t know how far he has gotten but his stated intent is to set up a circle of eight uprights topped by seven lintels, pretty much by himself. Impressive! Congratulations, Mr. Wallington! No scoring for now.

It is worth noting that Mr. Wallington’s methods don’t explain how huge uneven bluestones were transported over hundreds of miles of uneven territory, over mountains and through swampy areas, or even how the much larger and less evenly balanced sarsens were moved to the Stonehenge site from Westwood. His ability to move perfectly evenly balanced “stones” on even and solid ground in a clever manner doesn’t shed as much light on how Stonehenge was constructed as some people would like to believe. And of course it sheds no light on the more challenging questions like why it was built at all.

With this and the Nunica henge and one we hope to post in the future at the Raven Hill Discovery Center, Michigan has more rStonehenges than most! What is in the water up there? And can we have it piped to places around the world, especially to South America where we still don’t have a henge!? (Recent correction—now we have one in Brazil, where else?)


15 thoughts on “Wallington’s Stonehenge: “Forgotten Technology” in Michigan

  1. Mr. Wally Wallington would you be interested in building a real StoneHenge? With modern equipment? Possibly some supervisory capacity. We need to create a team. Astronomers, Astrologers, Engineers, Druids, Irish, Scottish, people interested in building a memorial StoneHenge here in USA, And one in Scotland, possibly one in Ireland. I am lobbying for three StoneHenge National Parks. With the help of Scottish government, Irish Government, and US National Parks Service. A memorial for thousands of Irish and Scottish families lost during the time of great potato fammine . Souls lost at Sea in coffin ships trying to reach America. Souls lost to disease and starvation hoping to find a new life here in the USA. This would also boost tourism dollars in these two countries. Nothing solid yet this Idea has just been created. I did send an email to the Scottish Embassy in Washington DC. A few moments ago. Then I wondered who in the world would be interested in building a modern StoneHenge? I found you. RSVP.

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  4. okay, i need to at least try and talk to wally somehow for the project i mentioned earlier. if you could refer me to the site that would be very helpful.

  5. This is not Wally Wallington’s site. This is a blog about Stonehenge replicas, and this page is about Mr. Wallington. If you look around this page, you will find there is a list of 78 large, permanent Stonehenge replicas, and, in all, 385 posts showing Stonehenge replicas of various kinds. If there is anything you would like to know about Stonehenge or building a replica, leave another comment and we can refer you to a site that would help. 🙂

  6. Dear Wally,
    I am doing a project on stonehenge on how it was built and so far you are the only one that did a replica of it. I would like for you to contact me at my e-mail.

  7. Whenever I am up against a difficult move, I think to my self “wally Wallington could do this” and as if by “magic” a solution appears!

    Any man can lift anything,, period!

  8. Hmmm. No alien intervention, no “psychic powers”, just human brain power and elbow grease, skill and craftsmanship, built the pyramids and stonehenge. If only more people applied their intelligence as rationally as Wallace Wallington!

  9. I don’t know. Your best bet is to ask on the Forgotten Technologies website. Sorry! But thanks for the comment.

  10. The date on this post is Feb 2009. The last copyright date listed on Wally’s Web site is 2007. Is this project still ongoing? Where can we get current info?

  11. Will, It’s unlikely that Mr. Wallington will see that here. You may want to post it on his site at Forgotten Technologies. –Clonehenge

  12. Hey Wally,

    You’re my new hero, Bud. I love that a “common” man can take the senses we all possess and make a new sense of them.

    Hey, I’ve got two farms in northern lower near Shanty Creek. Want to get away and do something up here? If ever in the area, please let me know. Would enjoy meeting you and discussing other insights.


    be well!


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