Silver Charm, Add Stonehenge to your charm bracelet


photo from (warning–bright orange colour and large, dark print. Website may be annoying.)

We suppose the idea must be: If you were awestruck by this huge ancient monument, why not wear a teeny-tiny sterling silver version of it hanging from your wrist or around your neck? And you can’t blame this one on the States, friends. The website says clearly, All charms are made in the United Kingdom. So there.

We won’t linger on this one. We do find it amusing, but we can barely bring ourselves to give it 5 druids–and they would have to be the tiniest druids ever!

3 thoughts on “Silver Charm, Add Stonehenge to your charm bracelet

  1. I kinda like it, you can make a 7 wonders of the world charm bracelet.
    so you got stonehenge, and the rest…
    Good look to the one that is going to make a charm of the niagara falls or the great chinese wall. Good look I say, Good luck again…
    So the taj mahal is next, and what other world wonder is left… uhhh…

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