Wallington’s Stonehenge: “Forgotten Technology” in Michigan


photo from Mr. Wallington’s website (site now defunct), with permission

Many things about Stonehenge remain mysterious. The biggest mystery is probably why it was built, but certainly one issue that has caused speculation over the years has been the transportation and handling of the huge stones. A man in Flint, Michigan believes he has a contribution to make in that department and he is building a Stonehenge replica on his property in order to prove it. You may have seen this video of him around teh intertubes or other info at his website, The Forgotten Technology:

We don’t know how far he has gotten but his stated intent is to set up a circle of eight uprights topped by seven lintels, pretty much by himself. Impressive! Congratulations, Mr. Wallington! No scoring for now.

With this and the Nunica henge and one we hope to post in the future at the Raven Hill Discovery Center, Michigan has more replicas than most! What is in the water up there? And can we have it piped to places around the world, especially to South America where we still don’t have a henge!? (Recent correction—now we have one!)