Finals Week Henge, Pasadena CA 2005


photo by David Dow, with permission

One of the many motives for building a henge, as we saw in the Snowhenge of the Antarctic post, is for purposes of supplication. We suspect that this temporary henge built at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) for finals week a few years ago may have had such a motive, although whether the goal was good marks or just the end of the *&%$# semester we cannot say.

It has a nice look and at first we misunderstood it to be a permanent installation. The material used appears to be white boxes of some sort. In the photo at this link, (from there you can see a few more photos) you can see that the ‘stones’ were quite large. The representation is overly simple, but then it was built by freshmen. The fire in the center was a nice touch.

Score: 6 druids for thinking big, making it fun and giving it a little ambience!

4 thoughts on “Finals Week Henge, Pasadena CA 2005

  1. Those are cardboard stretched over two by twos. (Actually, two by fours that we ripped in half for reasons of frugality.) The thicker column on the left actually contains a TV and sound system blaring the Stonehenge scene from “This Is Spinal Tap”.

  2. Thanks! Was just going to write to you because I used a couple of your henge pictures to illustrate the Henge Fest announcement.

  3. Thanks for bringing this one to my attention. I had no idea that just down the road (literally) there was superior henging going on.
    Excellent work

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