Finals Week Henge, Pasadena CA 2005


photo by David Dow, with permission

One of the many motives for building a henge, as we saw in the Snowhenge of the Antarctic post, is for purposes of supplication. We suspect that this temporary henge built at Caltech (California Institute of Technology) for finals week a few years ago may have had such a motive, although whether the goal was good marks or just the end of the *&%$# semester we cannot say.

It has a nice look and at first we misunderstood it to be a permanent installation. The material used appears to be white boxes of some sort. In the photo at this link, (from there you can see a few more photos) you can see that the ‘stones’ were quite large. The representation is overly simple, but then it was built by freshmen. The fire in the center was a nice touch.

Score: 6 druids for thinking big, making it fun and giving it a little ambience!