Georgia Guidestones


photo by Craigkbryant, reproduced from Wikipedia according to Gnu Free Documentation License, version 1.2

This may be the least Stonehenge-like thing to make it onto the Stonehenge replica lists. Since there has been a discussion about the definition of the word henge, both as it is used in real life and as it is used in this blog, it seemed like a good time to post something that may, like one or two previous posts, lie outside the bounds of any definition. We post it only because it is often included on those other lists.

The Georgia Guidestones, standing in Elberts County, Georgia, USA, are easily the most controversial of all the sites referred to as American Stonehenges. Ten commandment-like proclamations are carved into the stones.  A radical fringe see them as Satanic proclamations of our evil overlords, although it is more likely that they were funded and worded by a wealthy eccentric. Some who see the stones as evil have sworn to topple them, making the Guidestones the most threatened of the large ‘henges’ we have listed here.

But that doesn’t count for anything as we score them. We do like their majestic height and unusual form, but is this a Stonehenge replica? No. Score: 2 druids, awarded for the standing stones and the lintel cap.

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