Clone Henge / CloneHenge / Clonehenge

We have been considering this for some time and now, at the suggestion of henging expert and advocate Simon Burrow, we have repaired our broken name to match that of Stonehenge. We do not, however, agree that “if there is  a space it is not a henge”. We are inclined to yield to the creative henger full freedom to name his or her creation. When the International Henging Olympics are formed, no doubt the committee will rule on such crucial matters!

Our daily henge will be posted later.

7 thoughts on “Clone Henge / CloneHenge / Clonehenge

  1. Very true. Avebury as compared to Stonehenge, at least in my opinion, is such a thing of grace. I have fonder memories of it and Silbury.

  2. you know Nancy I still haven’t seen a replica of Avebury anywhere!
    Now that Would be something!

  3. Haha. Pete, let’s not confuse the subject by bringing up actual henges! 😉 I do at least give the true definition of henge in the explanatory page.

    Because of my years at the Portal I realise that none of the constructions on this blog, except maybe Keppel Henge, which I hope to post when I get a photo permission, are true henges. I use the word because it’s the word people tend to use when they make these things. As with the druid scoring, there’s a touch of irony implied in its use. Believe me, if someone built a circular ditch and wall out in Minnesota or somewhere and called it Prairie Henge, I would welcome the chance to use it for didactic purposes.

  4. Simon–well, we have addressed the difference between the true meaning of the word henge and our use of it here in our explanatory page (“Why,” You Ask?). We’ve been using henge simply as a short term for Stonehenge replica, and we decide whether each thing qualifies on an individual basis. Many aspects may qualify it (i.e. being called a Stonehenge replica by its builder, performing similarly to Stonehenge in regard to astronomy, having been built as a demonstration of possible Stonehenge-building techniques, just plain old looking like Stonehenge, etc.) and we discuss it in the post if it is for any reason questionable. Up until now, we just made ourselves the ultimate arbiters. I suppose now we’ll have to keep on our toes!

  5. I yield. A henge name can have a space. I was being officious and over reaching.
    -A henge is a henge is a henge.
    -A henge is in the eyes of the beholder.
    Have you tried to define henge yet?
    “digraph” is an excellent word and new to me.

  6. The lack of a space even becomes problematic when the last letter can form a digraph with the ‘h’ of the word henge. For example, an eye unfamiliar with this word formation might pronounce laptophenge as “lapto-fenj”.

    While, again, the henger should make the judgment, in these cases the space increases clarity.

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