Stonehenge in der Oberpfalz


photo by Alfred Schaffer, with permission

In southern Germany near the Czech border stands the simplest of Stonehenge replicas, a single trilithon. We do realize that a trilithon doth not a Stonehenge make, but in this case the circumstances of its creation qualify it as a replica. Once again the imperative to build at least a bit of Stonehenge had its way with the people it needed to make it happen. You can see it on Google Maps:

As far as we can make out by the use of automatically-translated pages (what fun!),  this trilithon was built as a project for a documentary film series about world cultures. Two hundred people helped to move and place the three 40-ton granite stones using methods similar to those the builders of Stonehenge may have used, and all of it was caught on film.

This is not the only German replica. The same nation is responsible for (guilty of?) the best strawhenge ever (and there have been many strawhenges!), Strohhenge. We’ll post more on that another day if we can get more information. Score for the Oberpfalz henge trilithon? Only 5½ druids for it as a Stonehenge replica, but as a monument, what’s not to like?

2 thoughts on “Stonehenge in der Oberpfalz

  1. Thank you, Pete. That means a great deal coming from you!

    If you ever get more on that replica that was built for the Earl of Pembroke, let me know. I haven’t found anything on it so far, but I’m looking. Happy New Year to you and Ali and the girls!

  2. This blog is turning into a hugely valuable resourse.
    Best wishes for 2009, I shall be a daily visitor and will contribute whenever possible.

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