Hop Henge: India Pale Ale


photo from deschutesbrewery.com

Here’s something in keeping with the holidays: an Imperial IPA from a small brewery in central Oregon. And according to the site it actually was named after a henge:

When one of our brewers suggested we name our new IPA Hop Henge, he also came up with the idea of actually recreating Stonehenge, only with hop bales. We were up for the challenge and even though the weather did not want to cooperate, we pulled it off and threw a party afterwards.

So it’s a henge replica beer, the only one we know of! Maybe they were inspired by the Maryhill replica which is  near the Oregon/Washington border.  The ale gets very good reviews on the beer sites and blogs, but we at Clonehenge, never having tried it (sadly), make no guarantees. The henge itself, of course, is represented only by an artist’s rendering, the accuracy of which we cannot know, although there is another, better, picture at the bottom of this page here.

Stonehenge replicas turn up everywhere, don’t they? We think this one is kind of fun. Score: 7 druids for Deschute’s Hop Henge. Thank you for giving Clonehenge a favourite ale!

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