Harryport Henge, Illinois

photo (cropped)  from the website of the Illinois Powered Paragliding Association

One of the joys of producing this blog is finding Stonehenge replicas that haven’t made it onto the big lists yet. One example was the Oklahoma replica and this one in Illinois is another, the henge at Harryport (a private airfield), or, as it is termed in this link describing the process, Harry Rossett’s Stonehenge. Lots of good pictures on that link, of the creation of this henge which is made of foam covered with concrete. You can see it here on Google Maps:

We cannot say that building a full-sized Stonehenge replica is a sign of good character (It may be. Needz moar rsrch!), but it is a likely indicator of good humour and a guarantee that one is a Very Interesting Person. We have an inkling that one of the main motives behind this henge may have been testosteronic bravado–which was probably what generated the original Stonehenge, too, at least in part, so cheers to Harry Rossett! The stone shapes and proportions are off and the whole thing looks more skinny than ponderous, but we’ll give him a 6 druid score for his hangglider henge!

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