The Henge at Babbacombe, Devon, U.K.

photo by trollpowersaab, with permission

photo by trollpowersaab, with permission

photo by trollpowersaab, with permission

We usually try to mix it up, leaving days between similar henges, but the picture above seemed just right for Christmas eve. Babbacombe Model Village is a collection of scale models of buildings and scenes, one of them, of course, being another miniature version of our old friend from Salisbury Plain. This time of year, the whole display is supplied with artificial snow and festooned with holiday lights.

Here’s another view of the model, in the form of an e-postcard you can send through the Babbacombe website. Interestingly, in 2005 mini-druids began appearing mysteriously throughout the village, in what was called a Banksy-like incident!

We feel like we should like this replica a little more than we do. It looks pretty good, and yet something is just not right, maybe the proportions, maybe just a lack in gravitas. For its purpose, however, it is completely adequate, and it’s the holidays so we’ll be generous. Score: 7½ druids for the model henge. Happy Christmas, everyone! Expect tomorrow’s post to be a short one.

2 thoughts on “The Henge at Babbacombe, Devon, U.K.

  1. You’re right, and from the perspective now, having seen many more replicas than I had then, I would say it deserves at least another 1/2 druid. Very nicely done!

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