Kuala Lumpur Henge, planetarium replica


photo by Lee Kelleher, with permission

We whisk you away to far Malaysia, where the capital city is the site of a grand planetarium open to tourists, part of which is the Ancient Observatory Park. The park boasts replicas of several ancient observatories including Wiltshire’s finest. You can see a few more pictures of it here.

It is a strange recreation of Stonehenge, in fact one wonder whether people looked at a picture of the original before they made it. Something about the proportions brings to mind Pezhenge. We don’t know whether or not it is oriented to the skies. The stones, it appears, are not real stones. One tourist mentions that they are hollow inside.

Still, as you may have noticed, we grade on a curve, in this case the broad curve of the earth’s surface from Merry Olde England to Southeast Asia. Score for this exotic henge: 6½ druids. Somehow we doubt it gets crowded at solstice!

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