Stonehenge, the board game?


promotional photos from Titanic Games

Here’s a fun angle on the Stonehenge reproduction: a board game in which plastic trilithons are pieces. (Is that not a druid we spy below?)


Actually, it’s five games or more. The game company gave the board and pieces to five game designers and each wrote a game, then all sets of rules were included in the game box. Since then, not only was an expansion with more games and pieces released, but players have designed their own games and submitted them to the Titanic site (here) for others to try. They even have related puzzles online, like this one.

Well, we admit that it looks like fun. Any excuse to set up a Stonehenge replica in the living room when friends come over has a certain appeal for us. If anyone out there has this, please let us know how you like it.

The replica doesn’t appear to be very accurate, but we like the idea, the appealing game board, and the fact that there are many ways to play just as there are many ideas about how and why Stonehenge was invented. Score: 6½ druids, and it appears they can add one of their own. Oh, those druids, they must have a great PR group!

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