Photoshopping Stonehenge


Glaciation, photoshopped by kadath on the Freaking News site. All photos may not be reproduced without permissions.

One proof that something or someone is an icon is that he, she or it has become the darling of the photoshoppers. Stonehenge isn’t immune, of course, and the above photo is just one example. It was an entry in the Stonehenge photoshop pictures contest on a site called Freaking News.


We posted the arctic version at the top because it looks seasonal, but some of the others are more like Stonehenge replicas, like the above, photoshopped by drhardryve and entitled The First Dominoes Pizza Location, and the one below, photoshopped by japcham


and entitled Zebra Love. You can see many more entertaining entries at the contest link. Don’t neglect to click on the other two pages. Lots of Stonehenge fun!

How can we award druids for these? We’ll award 8 prehistoric megapixels to the folks at Freaking News for giving us a smile.

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