Stillwater Stonehenge, Oklahoma


photos by Lynnola with permission

Two months ago, Rick and Ruby Schneider of Stonehenge Realty in Stillwater, Oklahoma began to construct their own version of that great monument on the Wiltshire downs. Partially inspired by stirring pictures Ruby’s brother brought back from a visit to England, the Schneiders’  replica is still being built, with, so far, a few standing stones, two trilithons, and a unique structure of three uprights with one lintel. Needless to say, we cheer them on and watching further developments with great interest.


Ruby says students from nearby Oklahoma State University already stop to take pictures at this early stage. If we know the internet, before long they’ll be on the Wikipedia list, the Roadside America list, the Smithsonian list . . . and Clonehenge, of course—they don’t know what they’re getting into!

No score, as it isn’t finished, but hurray for the Schneiders and other henge-builders  still building wherever they are, and hurray for the germ Ruby’s brother  brought back from England to  inspire still another Stonehenge to rise from the land! Thanks to Lynnola, too, for her help!

P.S.: Isn’t that Smithsonian video a killer? It cheers us to be reminded that even after posting 41 Stonehenge replicas we still have a long way to go. Only now we’re all full of Pez-henge lust. Must. . find. . and . . post . . it!

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