Polystyrene Henge and the Topic of Henge Addiction


model and photo by Sarah Denton of the Matchstick Henge Facebook Group

The term is henge addiction, that rare and possibly fatal need to make henges from anything, all the time. The support group for it on Facebook is Matchstick Henge, and while for now its numbers are low, they are bound to increase as awareness reaches the general public.

Of course at Clonehenge we advise caution and we hope people will examine closely the question of whether this is a lifestyle choice or something genetic, born into one’s very nature.  As you can see above, the syndrome can result in some admirable henges, in this case made at home with just a cutting utensil, some polystyrene or styrofoam, glue, matchsticks, paint and cardboard.

Bravo, Sarah, for making something good from life’s challenges! Perhaps we shouldn’t be framing this as a disease to be cured but as a condition which, if handled correctly, could be a boon for all mankind.

Score: 7 druids for this crafty henge. We hope the glue fumes have cleared away by now, Sarah!

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