Tankhenge, Berlin


photo by Rene Menges, reblogged from Edgecentral

From the pleasure gardens of Thailand we go to post-Wall Berlin and the notorious Tankhenge built by the Mutoid Waste Company from German Panzers. Here you see it framing the Reichstag in 1992.

It is a striking piece of art more than it is a Stonehenge replica but we include it as many  Stonehenge replica lists have done before us. The Mutoid Waste Company, as Edgecentral says, is known for “mutating the refuse of modern culture into the Marvelous.” They seem to have a fondness for henges made of machines, and we’ll post their Planehenge somewhere down the line.

This is an exciting piece of guerilla sculpture, but we can’t bring ourselves to score it with druids. This henge scores 7 hunks of the Berlin Wall!

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