Nong Nooch Henge, Thailand


We’ve been slowing down lately, posting just one henge per day most days, but this feels like a two henge day, so it’s off to the naughty tourist spot of Pattaya, Thailand and the incredible Nong Nooch Gardens, where stands this sensationally situated pseudo-Stonehenge (ah, the peculiar pleasures accompanying alliteration!).

Lest you, as we did, mistake this for a tiny model henge like those at Cockington Green Gardens or Babbacombe Model Village (yet to come in this blog, possibly right around Christmas), check out the picture below, in which elephants giving tourist rides give some perspective:


Every picture of these gardens gives the impression of a fantasy land. Work, money and imagination must have come together in a perfect storm of creation. We don’t know why Stonehenge was chosen as one of their conceits, but it works for us. Score: 7 druids for this OTT portrayal of our favourite pile of stones!

(Permission pending for the top photo, from a website that combines the Italian language with something about tourism in Tonga. ?! Don’t ask us!)


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