Texas II, Stonehenge Fever

stonehenge-iiaphoto by knobonk, shown by permission

We mentioned when we posted the Odessa Stonehenge that Texas was one of the states that boasts (at least) two large Stonehenge replicas. This is the other, a neat little circle tucked into the Texas Hill Country. We don’t doubt that, as the Stonehenge II website says, it makes quite an impression when unsuspecting family and friends arrive there on what they thought was just a drive in the country!

The effect is enhanced by the presence of Easter Island heads, one on either side of the henge, made by the same steel mesh and plaster method as all but one of the “stones” in the complex. Apparently a totem pole was planned, too, but couldn’t be executed before the death of the man behind the monument, Al Shepperd. You can see more of the site’s history here and here.

Another case of “Stonehenge Fever” as the Roadside America site calls it, that inexplicable something that makes Clonehenge possible. We have warmed to this circle since we first saw it. The flat pasture is a plus and the charming thought of children playing hide-and-seek among the stones is irresistible. How many replicas can allow that? Score: 8 druids for this family-friendly Stonehenge!

You can see it on Google Street View here.