The Other Half of Whatsit…

photo by Jacobo Fraga

We wanted to tell you about the Heritage Journal posting the second half of their article about us, but frankly we can’t be arsed. We are feeling indifferent, lethargic, apathetic… Hmm, it appears there are quite a few of these in the thesaurus. We may as well spread them out.

It is not as if it is the greatest article in the history of the world, or that it is going to rocket us to stardom so we can tell the world how henging can cure cancer, bring world peace, end poverty and oppression, save the environment, ease your digestion, make old people look and feel young again, and almost make your family gatherings bearable (some things even henging can’t solve completely!). It’s not as if we are even now taking out huge loans based on our projected fame and fortune as a result of this article…*sigh* *shrug*

WRONG!!!!1! Grab our coattails, Gentle Readers, because we are soaring to the stars and we need you along as ballast, no, no, we mean as our entourage! This is it–the greatest occurrence since the Big Bang. Go buy that backhoe and start building your Stonehenge replicas now. We are the next big thing. <obligatory humility> But we don’t want to toot our own horn or anything. </obligatory humility> Wink, wink.

No one saw us coming. We are the Frodo Baggins of the blogosphere. So read the article, tell all of your hobbit friends (but watch the hyperbole!), and be ready for change on a global scale.

And until next time, of course, happy henging!

So Exciting We Forgot to Post a Title!

photo from the Taipei public art site

We like to recommend any interesting, well-written articles that come along, especially, of course, if they have to do with Stonehenge replicas and even more so if… Oh, WTF  (that stands for “What the hell” in computer hieroglyphs), we’ll just come out and say it–SOMEONE POSTED AN ARTICLE ABOUT US!!!!!1!!

Heritage Action–the brilliant British one, not the scary right wing USAnian one– posted the first part of a two-part article about the Clonehenge blog, and it was basically nicked from a private email we sent to Nigel Swift, but with our happy permission.  You may read it here.

What’s that you say? You think we linked to it too many times in this post? Well, you’re actually lucky we didn’t make each word in this post a separate link to the article. We considered it, but luckily and unsurprisingly we are far too lazy! So there.

Our thanks to Nigel Swift and Heritage Action. When the second half of the article comes out, we will try to announce it in a more mature and decorous manner.  Ahem. And until next time, happy henging!