New and Improved Clonehenge Contest!


Our new contest begins with the autumn equinox. Create a cool, exciting, hilarious or just excellent henge or henges and send photos to us by winter solstice in the northern hemisphere [which is December 21st this year].


Judging will take place over the holidays and we will announce the winners early in January. These can be Stonehenge replicas you made before and never posted online (bear in mind, we spend a lot of time searching and have seen hundreds of replicas online that we’ve never posted to Clonehenge, so don’t assume that if it’s not posted here we haven’t seen it!) or replicas made new especially for the contest. They can also be Stonehenges you made for a school project (and possibly added stupid things to). Don’t forget the peoplehenge concept!

Foodhenges, dioramas with figures, beautiful high quality henges, stupid and silly henges, all are welcome. If we get enough we will divide them into categories. Winners will receive a Clonehenge t-shirt.

Photos may be sent to nancy.wisser @ . Remove the spaces.


We look forward to seeing some inspired new henges. Happy henging, gentle readers!

Photo and henge credits: almondhenge (a microhenge)  by Simon W. Burrows, doghenge and cement block henge by that mad henger, deadeyebart.

clonehenge t shirt




henging and photo by deadeyebart a.k.a. Brett, with permission

Okay, we’ve been weak on the silly stuff lately, so this is the antidote, a henge of plastic toy dogs and bones. Some might even argue that this is barely a henge at all, but you can tell it is one because it says so in clear letters. 😉 We chose this picture of Doghenge for the lighting but there’s a whole series of them as you can see here.

As some may remember, Brett is the same mad henger who brought us Pezhenge and Peephenge. He takes henging to the level of art–that kind of art some call conceptual. Doghenge is a loose interpretation of the henge concept with just enough hint at accurate detail to make it work.

We want to encourage more mad henging! Score for this conceptual henge, 6½ druids. How can we not like a henge that can aim its plastic howl at the moon?