Clonehenge’s End-of-the-World Henge Fest and Contest! Competitive Henging: Preparing for the Next Olympics!

photo by Pete Glastonbury, henge by 13-year-old Sammy Glastonbury!

Since there are less than two full months until the saucers come to land on all the Stonehenge replicas we are building for them, and emerge to take over the world, this is mankind’s last chance to enjoy freestyle henging before building henges/saucer platforms becomes required slave labour for all of us. Clonehenge, therefore, has taken the decision to declare a new contest!

The last contest we ran got exactly one entry, and that winner, because we are despicable, never received her prize. We are sure she is lurking somewhere as we speak,  acquiring fell superpowers and planning our spectacular demise!

We can’t let that happen again, so this time the reward is simpler: a new page, not post but a new page like The Rules of Henginess is a page, with a link at the top, will be created on Clonehenge to showcase the five best henges we receive. The rules are as follows:

1. The henge or Stonehenge replica, using the terms interchangeably, cannot have existed before October 21, 2012. It must be created and submitted either on the Clonehenge Facebook group wall , on the Clonehenge Facebook page timeline, or possibly by sending it to @Clonehenge on Twitter, or by email to nancydotwisseratgmaildotcom. (She’s our secretary.) Deadline is December 21, 2012 at midnight California time.

2. Each submission should include at least one photograph–more are preferred–and certain information: the materials, the maker or makers, the location, anything amusing that happened during its creation, whether it is the maker(s)’s first venture into henging, and other fun things like friends’ and relatives’ reactions, spooky druid occurrences brought on by it, whether it will be or has been destroyed, and anything else relevant. Information left out will not disqualify a henge if it is provided upon request.

3. Any materials are permitted. Originality and humour are encouraged and will add points just as accuracy does or more so. Figures, Lego or otherwise, of people or other living things, added to the henge to create a tableau, are permitted. If the henge is large, real people, animals,or aliens may be included in the photos. Themed henges  (Star Wars henge, Hobbit Henge, Twilight Henge, Price Is Right henge, etc. –or Pokemon Henge, Little Pony Henge, Hello Kitty Henge, Godzilla henge, Godzilla Meets Hello Kitty Henge… possibilities are endless! ) are welcome.

4. Obscenity or nudity will disqualify an entry regardless of its quality otherwise, as will anything negative about any kind of people.

5. No badgerhenges with real badgers.

That’s all we can think of now, but we found it was fun making rules so we may think up more and add them just for the thrill of ordering people around! Close your right eye.  Now close your left eye. Touch the tip of your nose with your tongue. This is fun!

The outstanding entry pictured above was created from small lava lamps by 13-year-old Sammy Glastonbury and submitted on October 23, 2012 by her father, hengefinder and longtime friend of the blog, Pete Glastonbury. It sets a high standard for aspiring hengers, but remember, if you can’t do beauty like this, try humour!

What’s that you say? You don’t see lintels? Look a little closer and you will see a small dark linteled circle among the lights. And the inner horseshoe helps its henginess, even the general shape and proportions of the lamps. Sammy Glastonbury–we see what you did there! Well done!

Do you have a brilliant henge lurking within you? Can you show us a henge such as has never been made before?? This is your chance to show the world (or at least the five people who read this blog)!!!Your henging self is your true self. Show us who you are!

And, until next time, gentle readers, happy henging!

New and Improved Clonehenge Contest!


Our new contest begins with the autumn equinox. Create a cool, exciting, hilarious or just excellent henge or henges and send photos to us by winter solstice in the northern hemisphere [which is December 21st this year].


Judging will take place over the holidays and we will announce the winners early in January. These can be Stonehenge replicas you made before and never posted online (bear in mind, we spend a lot of time searching and have seen hundreds of replicas online that we’ve never posted to Clonehenge, so don’t assume that if it’s not posted here we haven’t seen it!) or replicas made new especially for the contest. They can also be Stonehenges you made for a school project (and possibly added stupid things to). Don’t forget the peoplehenge concept!

Foodhenges, dioramas with figures, beautiful high quality henges, stupid and silly henges, all are welcome. If we get enough we will divide them into categories. Winners will receive a Clonehenge t-shirt.

Photos may be sent to nancy.wisser @ . Remove the spaces.


We look forward to seeing some inspired new henges. Happy henging, gentle readers!

Photo and henge credits: almondhenge (a microhenge)  by Simon W. Burrows, doghenge and cement block henge by that mad henger, deadeyebart.

clonehenge t shirt