Bonehenge, or who can resist a pun?


photo by kaymoshusband, henge by Winnie ?

It’s the first non-stonehenge in the Smithsonian video, and while it’s far from the only bonehenge out there, this one has the advantage of having been made of real bones rather than Milkbones. And, of course, there’s the astronomical aspect.

The caption on Flickr reads:¬† “Last night I caught Winnie building a working model of Stonehenge on the rug, using the only materials she had available. In this photo, she is double-checking the replica’s precise astronomical alignment, in anticipation of this evening’s Vernal Equinox.” One might expect such expertise from a German shepherd or a border collie, but I suspect astronomers are rare among labradors!

Of course it is not a full replica. Some henges get their druids from chutzpah alone. Score: 5 druids, and our thanks to Bob Gaffney and, of course, Winnie!