Welcome to Clonehenge!

montana-rainbowStonehenge at Crystal Lake Golf Course, Montana

We have noticed an influx of new visitors. We invite you to explore. We’ve posted well over 200 henges, large and small. If you want to find the nearest one to visit, check out the list of large permanent replicas.

stone-hengeWe also have many foodhenges (cheesehenges, butterhenges, candyhenges, even a cheese puff henge) and beautiful museum models of Stonehenge, Avebury and Silbury Hill, along with many other beautiful and ridiculous (okay–we do lean more heavily toward the ridiculous!) Stonehenge replicas, models and sculptures. Try the search function at the right or click on any term in the Words in Use cloud further down the page.

snowhenge2We’re always looking for additions to the blog–replicas you know of or have made (Or will make! For us!). Read The Rules of Henginess page to get an idea of what we’re looking for.

For why we’re doing this and how we got started, read Clonehenge, the Interview and/or Why, You Ask? Well, It’s Like This. And, yes, we do address the topic of Spinal Tap! More than once. Questions and comments on anything here are welcome. Thanks for dropping by the oh-so-terrific fabulousness that is Clonehenge!

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