Stonehenge of Roanoke County, Virginia

stonehenge roanoke

photo by D. R., with permission

Many, many companies and businesses–consulting services to pavers to home builders to golf courses and many others– are named Stonehenge. You may well ask why. But curiously, most do not build any Stonehenge-ish thing to put outside their headquarters. In Roanoke County, Virginia, however, a community of homes that calls itself Stonehenge had an artist create this very nice twenty foot high monument in 1978.

The artist, George Solonevich, was from Soviet Russia [obligatory joke: In Soviet Russia, henge stones you!] and had spent time in a concentration camp because his father was a dissident, eventually ending up in Roanoke County with his wife, Inge, also an artist. How it came about that he was selected to create this sculpture we do not know, but it was a happy accident!

Gone are the stiff straight lines of most American replicas, gone is the monotone look and the obsession with the simple trilithon. In these five faux stones (quintithon?) made of wood, wire, and stucco, he has captured that elusive ancient feel most replicas miss. Mr. Solonevich is with us no more, but maybe he can hear us when we say, Well done, sir!

And, yes, it does have the word Stonehenge just below it. But that’s better than the one in Athens, Georgia. Remember that one, with Stonehenge written across the lintel? Have a look at this link and then tell us Mr. Solonevich didn’t take the concept to a higher level!

Score: 6½ druids! You can see a brief video interview (no mention of this sculpture) with George Solonevich here. [In Soviet Russia, view inters you! Hmmm, we just can’t seem to catch on to that meme!] As far as we know, this Stonehenge isn’t on any of the other Stonehenge replica lists out there. Another Clonehenge exclusive, and another large permanent replica!


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