Replica In the News: Strawhenge in Essex

strawhenge 2Sent in by alert reader PG, here is a strawhenge just reported today by the BBC. You can see the video of it being made here. Part of it falls over, but at the end of the video they compress the whole hour and twenty minutes it took to build it into 10 seconds. Fun!

We hadn’t seen a strawhenge in a while. Our thanks to the mystery contributor.

Score: 6 druids. It’s better than a set of trilithons, and we love to see one being made with heavy machinery for a change!


One thought on “Replica In the News: Strawhenge in Essex

  1. I liked this one a lot, maybe I should watch / listen to the BBC’s morning shows after all. 😀

    And you’re right, the video in general is a bit boring, but the time-lapse in the end is sublime.

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