Ogopogo Henge, British Columbia: Built by a Lake Monster?

samhain112photo by Juniper, with permission; henge by ???

Alert reader and now contributor Juniper left us this comment: “I have a pic for you of a replica Seahenge I came across walking along the beach of lake Okanagan, British Columbia (I should mention that this lake has a famous lake monster, the Ogopogo) It must have been made during Halloween as I found it it the day after. And I was walking with a real life Druid at the time!

There is a lot for us to consider here. We avoided the whole “What is Seahenge?” thing by making the word a link in the quotation above. So now we just have Lake Okanagan, this Druid, and, best of all, the Ogopogo. Let’s look at this situation.

“Innocent” hedgewitch Juniper is walking along the shores of Okanagan Lake, known for its lake monster. It just happens to be All Saints’ Day and she happens to be with a “druid” and what do they find? This strange construction that seems to refer to both Seahenge and Stonehenge (note the lame attempts at lintels). We find this very suspicious. Come clean with us, Juniper!

We know about witches and how they consort with demons–and how Halloween night opens a door between the worlds. We suspect that Juniper, her druid and Ogopogo, Demon of the Deep, performed dark rituals around this circle of tree corpse parts that night. There were sinister doings in the land of the Okanagan Salish and who knows what strange forces were set into motion . . .

Or–possibly not. Heh.  It’s just that we would love to see lake monsters implicated in the building of henge replicas. Think of the publicity! At any rate, we want to thank Juniper for the kind mention of Clonehenge on her blog. And we would like her to consider changing from a hedgewitch to a hengewitch. Why not? It only takes one to get a movement started.

Score: 4 ½ druids. Or 6 Nessies!

7 thoughts on “Ogopogo Henge, British Columbia: Built by a Lake Monster?

  1. wally, Um, no, but if there was a Stonehenge replicant there, we want to know.

  2. Very nice addition. When you say
    “a real life Druid ”
    as compared to?


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