Woodhenge on PBase

stubby hengephotos by James Van Dyke, with permission

It’s a few years old, but this firewood henge caught our fancy when we discovered it, so we’re bringing it to you.

woodhenge 2The commentary for the second photo reads: “As in stonehenge, the pillars and idols of Woodhenge form a circle. When added to the firepit circle, a pair of concentric circles emerges. I like to think of it as family and friends circling together.

As you see, it’s not strictly trilithons or anything. Definitely an improvisation on the Stonehenge concept. The tepees of sticks were no doubt added to bring some eeriness to the site.

We can only give it 5 druids, but we like the surroundings and probably would have enjoyed being there. Just another example of how the Stonehenge concept is everywhere!

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