Self-Promoting Bookhenge

solving stonehenge

photo by akent, sent in by Sean Johnson

You know how when you get too many calls promoting a politician you like, you start to think you may not vote for him, or when there are too many annoying adverts for a product, you swear you’ll never buy it? Well, on sites related to Stonehenge lately, plugs for the book  Solving Stonehenge have become so frequent and insistent that we resolved to ignore them as much as possible.

Then someone (possibly related to the author) sent us this picture and we found ourselves in a bind. Do we ignore a perfectly good replica photo or do we post it and fall into being additionally annoying to people already wearied of hearing about this book? We came up with a brilliant solution:  post it and whinge about it. A good whinge now and then is therapeutic.

Don’t get us wrong–this could be a decent book for all we know. There are so many people who have come up with a brilliant theory for what Stonehenge was and did that one more doesn’t hurt anything. As a matter of fact here’s our theory: Stonehenge was built to generate as many completely bonkers theories as possible. Maybe we should write a book!

Score for this replica: 4½ druids (it’s just trilithons). Wow, we feel better! What else can we whinge about?

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