Earthline Quarry Stonehenge, Barbury Horse Trials


photo from the promotional site of Barbury International

This structure was created for the horse trials at Barbury Castle, Marlborough. It’s not clear whether they are permanent or, more likely, put up just for the trials each year. It’s an odd one, with elements of Stonehenge and Avebury, presumably to create a number of challenges for the horses and riders competing there, not that we know much about the horse world.

Interesting to see a Stonehenge replica crop up in something connected with sport. It has been suggested that the original could have been a sports field of some sort, usually by people who have downed a few with friends! Stonehenge certainly lends a touch of class to any endeavor. Score: 5½ druids.

Posting may be sparse in the week coming up, as it looks to be a busy one in real life. In the meantime, if we have any readers near Cheswardine, U.K., Springhill Gardens in California, or any astronomical museum, planetarium, or observatory (we might name museums in Cincinatti and Boston, the National Air and Space Museum in Washington, D.C., the Granada Science Park in Spain, and French Camp, Mississippi), your help in acquiring pictures of their Stonehenge replicas would be greatly appreciated! We know they’re out there, but we just can’t get at them. We ask you, gentle readers, to give us a hand!

4 thoughts on “Earthline Quarry Stonehenge, Barbury Horse Trials

  1. i live in cheswardine for 4 months now and i only just found mini henge!! i will try to post a pic as i took a couple if the site will allow!! tinker, cheswardine!! or if i can i will transfer from my facebook page!

  2. Thank you, Cheri. It sounds interesting. We would love to do a post on it if you could send a picture. A picture of the moai, with it or separately, would also be fun.


  3. At present, our Stonehenge replica contains just the “bluestones” of Stonehenge. It was created of local stones, but is laid out to the size of the original and is found in our Ancient World exhibit, along with a 10′ Moai, a Mayan ball court, a working factory site, the foundation of a house from Skarra Brae, etc.

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