Former Fountain Henge, Warwick Uni, England


photo by Nick Howes, aka Jimmy Dustpan, with permission

The photographer’s explanation is that it was a fountain originally, “But since the water stopped it became just been a rather sad pile of rocks. As it’s a University campus it was only a matter of time before some students decided to repurpose it as a mini Stonehenge.” Interestingly put: ” . . . it was only a matter of time“? How many people would see it that way, besides us?

Look at it. The Stonehenge someone builds shows what Stonehenge is to him, and who he is. Sam Hill created a monument to soldiers. The astronomer builds an observatory. The clockmaker builds a timepiece. The artist makes a sculpture. The engineer grapples with method. The Stonehenge-obsessed creates a meticulous model. The gardener makes a folly. The pagan crafts a ritual space. The playful person creates a whimsy. Spinal Tap fans make little trilithons. Ahem. And so on.

That’s the reason for this blog. By looking at these replicas, we get a glimpse of what Stonehenge looks like to, or what it represents to, their creators. The answer to the question, “what is it about Stonehenge that has such a hold on people?” begins to look like “many things!” As with a Rorschach inkblot test, what we see in Stonehenge arises from who we are, and like a lake it draws our attention with its reflective quality.

Score: 5 druids. More proof that Stonehenge is a creature that reproduces by infecting minds!

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