Chocolate Henge and the Lizard People, Just as We Suspected!


henge and photos by Jeremy Dennis, with permission

Another foodhenge–some chocolate to fortify you for the work week to come. This one was created by Jeremy Dennis–not one you know, but the female cartoonist in the U.K. She certainly seems to have a twisted enough sensibility to belong on Clonehenge!

chocohengeShe calls the above photo a bloody sacrifice (as in the PeepHenge photo* we mentioned before). It is clear to the practised eye, however, that we’re looking at a healing, in keeping with the new thought about Stonehenge’s purpose as a sort of lithic Lourdes.

skateboardsProof of this appears in the photo on the left, in which we see the subject from the slab in the first photo skateboarding happily around the left-hand caramel coconut sweet. Tellingly, there is no blood on the altar stone. These rasta druid skater dinos aren’t killers. They just want to work on their ollies and add to their tricktionaries!

Those who want to know more about this henge can see it here. As for scoring, well, we must say there’s something brilliant about this while also a little discomfiting, but that’s not always a bad thing in art. Score: 6½ druids. Skate on, dudes!

* see the gruesome last photo on this page. Viewer discretion is advised!

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